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Inspired by some of the most influential music ever written, Rave On was formed to keep the music of the 50's & 60's alive for all to hear. Rave On will take you back in time to when Rock & Roll was just emerging, and the juke box and dance floor was all that was needed for a good time.

Rave On's talented  musicians are seasoned performers who have performed in a wide range of musical groups.  Ranging 39 years in age from our oldest to our youngest member, we are proof that this music can speak to any generation.

Experience the thrill of listening to Buddy Holly, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Etta James, Richie Valens, Bobby Darin, Johnny Cash, Dion, and other amazing artists, all in one show. Rave On will have you dancing in your seats, bopping down the aisles, and singing along with us as we dance the night away. 

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